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"A Burgundian lifestyle" is a nice way to say that good food and a good glass of wine is appreciated. Based on my memory, I'm sure at the farm (°) has always prevailed this principle.

Grandmother cooked passionated and brilliant for the family and for the staff.
At the long table, covered with beautiful white linen and stylish silverware, twenty-five people were queuing. On the stove, she had baked bread, roast meat, potatoes and vegetables from the garden.  The vapors spread throughout the house, I will never forgetting this great smell.

We have taken over her job. I contunue what she has started: I want to deliver the greatest quality, by my enthusiasm and conviction.

(°) The foundations and cellars of the farm dates from the late Burgundian period. In 1807 converted Hendrik Van der Noot (known from the Brabant Revolution) the homestead into a beautiful mansion. After a devastating fire in 1992, we have restored the property to its original state.


The craft

Every day trying to reach the top, that is our mission. We always want to go one step higher, that's our drive. To achieve this, we maintain the professional meat production for the most important part in our own hands and the work in the kitchen is followed and controled very closely.

Reliability, exceptional quality and extremely reliable service at every level are the basic rules for us. 
The butchers, chefs and the serving staff all share this rule and are selected based on their drive.

With love for the craft and the many other talents, we consistently deliver culinary selection of the top shelf. For us, there is no greater tribute than the satisfaction on the face of the customer.


To welcome our guests


besides the high quality meat and excellent cuisine, a (hot) welcome and personal service is important for is. Everything is done jointly. Everything works together. Everything is interdependent.

Guests receiving is the task of Uguette. She is the hostess in the true sense of the word. Always in style, always with dignity, with imagination and patience. She creates a climate in which people feel at home, she directs and inspires the serving staff in the restaurant.

Her friendliness and sharm made that she was rewarded as "golden whisk hostess of the year" by Knack magazine.